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Actor / Role Playing Idea

I have a terrific idea which would benefit the protest, the media, and those in the "system" who might not know what direction to turn in regards to the Occupy Movement.


The idea is: get actors and role-players together to speak at an event. The actors and role players would dress up to look like certain people (ie... the President, the governor, a policeman-police chief, a politician, an executive 'of the 1%" etc...). The actor would then speak as if they were in that role to the protestors. Plus, the actor (if they researched the identity they were going to play) could speak as if they were open to change, as well as some Q and A from the protestors.


This might have the effect of creating a potential dialogue for those in the "system" who might have been timid about speaking before, as well as giving a direction in how to speak and what to say. Plus it would gather even more media attention if planned carefully.



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